Gary Gulman

Episode 52: Gary Gulman

Actor and comedian Gary Gulman

Show notes

Actor and comedian Gary Gulman is one of America's most popular comics. A product or Massachusetts, Gary's currently on his "Born on 3rd Base Tour". His most recent stand-up special for HBO, “The Great Depresh,” is a universally acclaimed, tour de force look at mental illness, which is equal parts hilarious and inspiring. He was most recently seen co-starring with Amy Schumer in the hit Hulu comedy series, Life & Beth. His memoir, Misfit, will be published in September.

This rank's among my most favorite pod chats because it's a truly important one. Gary not only takes us back on a wicked funny ride through his impoverished Jewish childhood, his high-school and college years, his early comedy journey and what it means to be a "Masshole"...he's also brutally honest about his life-long struggle with depression and anxiety and how it's impacted his life, his relationships, his work, his sense of self and the message it sends to others who are suffering, and the help and inspiration it's given them.

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Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman

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