Zerlina Maxwell

Episode 112: Zerlina Maxwell

Author, writer, speaker, political analyst and SiriusXM radio host Zerlina Maxwell

Show notes

Zerlina Maxwell is the Senior Director of Progressive Programming for SiriusXM. She is the host of “Mornings w/ Zerlina.” on SiriusXM Channel 127 and hosted “Zerlina.” on MSNBC on PeacockTV for 2 seasons. She’s the author of the book The End of White Politics: How to Heal Our Liberal Divide. She was an MSNBC Political Analyst for a decade. She’s worked on both Barack Obama’s 2008 and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaigns. She’s also a keynote speaker and writer and has written for numerous national publications on subjects including . national politics, policy and culture issues including race, feminism, domestic violence, sexual assault, victim blaming and gender inequality.

Join us for this truly fun, revealing chat. Zerlina and I talk in-depth about very serious subjects including the media, the law, politics, Trump, Trumpism, racism, #MeToo and her personal experience as a survivor of sexual assault, and we also have a bunch of laughs too discussing her childhood, Burning Man, Barbie, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and her Top 5 musical artists of all-time!

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Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell

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