Tom Nichols

Episode 183: Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols is an author, staff writer at The Atlantic and an expert on international security issues

Show notes

Tom Nichols is a staff writer at The Atlantic. He’s an expert on international security issues who taught national security affairs for 25 years at the U.S. Naval War College, as well as at the Harvard Extension School, Dartmouth College, and Georgetown University. He is the author of several books on Russia, the Cold War, and international politics. A new, updated edition of his most recent book, Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault From Within on Modern Democracy, will be released in April.

Tom brings his inimitable wit and wisdom back into The Back Room to discuss Putin, Ukraine and the recent Russian 'election'; Trump's legal troubles; the Biden administration; the November election and the existential threat to democracy; "campus culture" and the youth vote; the MAGA cult; and more.

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Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols

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