Tara Setmayer

Episode 124: Tara Setmayer

Tara Setmayer is a senior advisor for the Lincoln Project, frequent MSNBC commentator and "sane conservative"

Show notes

Tara Setmayer is a former CNN political commentator, contributor to ABC News and former GOP Communications Director on Capitol Hill. She's frequently guest-hosted ABC's The View and appears regularly on MSNBC. She’s also a Senior Advisor for the Lincoln Project and co-hosts the streaming show "The Breakdown" alongside Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. After spending 27 years with the Republican Party, Tara publicly left the GOP in November 2020 after Donald Trump refused to concede the election to Joe Biden. She now identifies as a 'conservative independent'.

Tara is super smart, super insightful and super engaging. We discuss the crisis in the Middle East, the crisis in the GOP House and the ongoing threat to democracy from Donald Trump and his right-wing extremist election-denying cultists.

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Tara Setmayer

Tara Setmayer

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