Congressman Steve Israel

Episode 31: Congressman Steve Israel

Former NY District 3 Congressman Steve Israel

Show notes

Steve Israel was an 8-term Democratic Congressman from Long Island, NY, representing District 2 until the 2012 election when he was redistricted into the 3rd District, the seat won in November '22 by Republican scandal-plagued pathological-liar George Santos. He spent four years as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee before retiring in 2017. He currently serves as Director of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs; and is an author and commentator who can be seen on CNN and MSNBC and whose writing has appeared in the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic.

Check out this timely, insightful, in-depth conversation about the Santos shit-storm and the right-wing extremist culture responsible for creating and enabling it. We also discuss Trump, Kevin McCarthy and the House drama, Mike Pence, Liz Cheney and the '24 election. And, Steve tells us about Theodore's Books, the awesome independent bookshop in Oyster Bay which he opened in 2021!

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Steve Israel

Steve Israel

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