Stephanie Grisham

Episode 15: Stephanie Grisham

A brutally honest chat with former Trump White House press/communications senior aide Stephanie Grisham

Show notes

Join us this week in The Back Room for a brutally honest, insightful, lively chat with Stephanie Grisham, former Trump White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for both the former president and First Lady. She also served as Melania's Chief of Staff.

Through genuine contrition and a true desire to prevent the Trump era's ugly history from repeating itself, Stephanie pulls no punches in sharing her thoughts and experiences working in the most unethical, corrupt, treasonous, batshit crazy administration in American history and what needs to happen going forward.

We also learn the truth about my awesome viral moment five years ago when Melania "liked" my tweet which mocked her husband and their troubled marriage!

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Produced by and Andy Ostroy

Music by Andrew Hollander

Design by Cricket Lengyel



Stephanie Grisham

Stephanie Grisham

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