Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Episode 89: Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Author, writer, opinion columnist, television commentator and NYU history professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Show notes

Ruth Ben-Ghiat is Professor of History at New York University. She writes about fascism, authoritarianism, and propaganda. She is the recipient of Guggenheim and other fellowships; an advisor to Protect Democracy; an MSNBC opinion columnist and television commentator; and publishes Lucid, a newsletter on threats to democracy. Her latest book, Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present looks at how illiberal leaders use propaganda, corruption, violence, and machismo --and how they can be defeated.

Join us for this truly fascinating, insightful conversation about Trump, Trumpism, Ron DeSantis and the chilling parallels between their demagoguery and hateful rhetoric and that of Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators past and present. How fascism and Neo-Nazism is on the rise domestically and abroad, and its impact on American politics and culture.

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Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

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