Rep.Ted Lieu

Episode 39: Rep.Ted Lieu

California Congressman and US Air Force Veteran Ted Lieu

Show notes

Rep. Ted Lieu (CA-36) is serving in his fifth term in Congress and currently sits on the House Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, and Science, Space, and Technology Committees. He was also elected by his colleagues to serve as Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, making him the highest ranking Asian American to have ever served in House Leadership. He is a veteran, having served on active duty and then in the Reserve for the Air Force. He retired from the Reserve in 2021 with the rank of Colonel.

Join us as Ted shares his family and childhood background, his early political aspirations and his thoughts and concerns about the Bill Barr/Durham/Russia-Trump inquiry, AI and super-computing, Trump, Trumpism, the GOP House chaos and the 2024 election.

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Rep.Ted Lieu

Rep.Ted Lieu

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