Rep. Pat Ryan (NY-18)

Episode 42: Rep. Pat Ryan (NY-18)

An important conversation with Democratic Representative Pat Ryan serving New York's 18th congressional district.

Show notes

Pat Ryan is the Democratic Representative serving New York's 18th congressional district. He's a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Prior to his election last Fall he served as the representative for New York's 19th congressional district after winning a special election in 2022. He previously served as the county executive of Ulster County, NY. Pat is a West Point graduate and former Army Captain and combat veteran who served two tours in Iraq and earned two Bronze Stars.

Join us as we unpack critical issues of geopolitical, national and New York significance including national security, relations with China, President Biden's and Democrats' leadership and legislative successes, the GOP House chaos, George Santos, toxic partisanship, the SALT Caucus fight to fully preserve the state and local tax deduction, the Central Hudson billing fiasco and New York's new status as a congressional battleground state.

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Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan

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