Prof. Allan J. Lichtman

Episode 227: Prof. Allan J. Lichtman

Distinguished Professor of History at American University, Allan J. Lichtman

Show notes

Allan J. Lichtman is Distinguished Professor of History at American University and a leading geopolitical expert. He has provided expert testimony in some 110 civil rights cases. He has written 13 books, many hundreds of scholarly and popular articles, and provided worldwide media commentary. His recent books include The Case for Impeachment, The Embattled Vote In America, Repeal the Second Amendment, and 21 Cracks: Repairing American Democracy After Trump. His Keys to the White House prediction system has successfully forecasted the results of presidential elections since 1984, including Donald Trump’s win in 2016.

This is a truly fascinating chat about Professor Lichtman's model, how it was created, why it's worked flawlessly, and what it currently indicates for the November election. The professor also weighs in on the significance, or lack thereof, of the recent debate, polling, and fundraising on the campaign; the calls for President Biden to quit; and more.

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Prof. Allan J. Lichtman

Prof. Allan J. Lichtman

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