Paul Begala

Episode 190: Paul Begala

CNN political commentator, consultant and NY Times best-selling author Paul Begala

Show notes

Paul Begala is a CNN political commentator, consultant and NY Times best-selling author. Along with his partner James Carville, he was one of the masterminds behind Bill Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992 and later served as Counselor to the President, serving as one of President Clinton's closest aides, and coordinating policy, politics, and communications. In the 2012 campaign, Paul was a senior adviser for the pro-Obama Super PAC, making Begala one of the few people to play a critical role in electing two different presidents.

Paul is back in The Back Room, and as always, he brings his inimitable wit and wisdom on a range of critical subjects including Trump and his existential threat to democracy; right-wing religious extremism and its Orange Jesus worship; RFK Jr and his VP pick Nicole Shanahan; Liz Cheney, the November election and the latest polling; the economy; and more.

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Paul Begala

Paul Begala

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