New York Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado

Episode 128: New York Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado

New York Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado

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Antonio Delgado is Lt. Governor of the State of New York, appointed in May of 2022 and then elected for a full term in November ’22. He previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving NY’s 19th Congressional District. He played basketball at Colgate, is a Rhodes Scholar, and a graduate of Harvard Law School. He spent 5 years pursuing a career as a hip-hop artist in LA, and then went on to work as an attorney focusing on complex litigation with pro-bono work in criminal justice reform. As Lt. Governor, he serves as chair of the Hate and Bias Prevention Unit, oversees the Regional Economic Development Council, and is committed to empowering New York communities through civic engagement.

Join us for this insightful conversation about the Israeli/Hamas war and the rise of anti-Semitism, especially here at home; NY's Hate and Bias Prevention Unit; the GOP House chaos; the success of Bidenomics and the need for better Democratic messaging; political tribalism; and the 2024 election.

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Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado

Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado

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