Naysa Woomer

Episode 147: Naysa Woomer

Former George Santos Communications Director Naysa Woomer

Show notes

Naysa Woomer served as the former Communications Director for the now former and disgraced, indicted U.S. Congressman George Santos. She’s a Republican communications advisor who previously worked for former Massachusetts Gov Charlie Baker, the Republican Party of Massachusetts and Reps. Ryan Costello (PA), Thomas Massie (KY) & Tim Huelskamp (KS). She’s made various media appearances on MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber, CNN This Morning & with CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Join us for a fun, fascinating look inside the wild and wacky world of George Santos from someone in the chaotic front seat of this unprecedented political roller-coaster!

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Naysa Woomer

Naysa Woomer

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