Michael Cruz Kayne

Episode 79: Michael Cruz Kayne

Comedian, actor, writer and podcaster Michael Cruz Kayne

Show notes

Michael Cruz Kayne is a comedian, actor and writer based in NYC. He is a staff writer on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and is currently performing his one-man show, Sorry For Your Loss, at NYC's Minetta Lane Theater. His acting credits include HBO’s “The White House Plumbers” and “High Maintenance,” as well as Apple TV’s “Severance” and “Helpsters,” among others. Michael also hosts A Good Cry, a Signal Award-winning and Webby-nominated podcast about grief.

Michael shares his deeply personal, emotional journey following the 2009 death of his son Fisher just 34 days after he was born. It's a brutally honest, inspirational conversation about unfathomable loss; navigating through overwhelming grief; the concept of 'closure'; the cathartic benefits of humor; and more.

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Michael Cruz Kayne

Michael Cruz Kayne

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