Matt Friend

Episode 167: Matt Friend

Stand-up comedian, actor and impressionist Matt Friend

Show notes

Matt Friend is an incredibly talented stand-up comedian, actor, and impressionist whose repertoire spans more than 250 flawless vocal and physical impressions of celebrities, politicians, business tycoons and other notables.

So join this hilarious party in The Back Room with Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bradley Cooper, Timothee Chalamet, Austin Butler, Paul Giamatti, Michael Buble, Patrick Mahomes and others! Matt also shares his Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe red carpet experiences; meeting his idols including Steve Martin, Martin Short, Billy Joel and Jack Antonoff; doing CNN with Jim Acosta; and offers Howard Stern's thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce!

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Matt Friend

Matt Friend

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