Lucas Kunce

Episode 94: Lucas Kunce

Missouri Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Lucas Kunce

Show notes

Lucas Kunce is a 13-year Marine veteran, national security expert, and antitrust advocate running against Missouri’s Republican Senator Josh Hawley. After three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Lucas was stationed at the Pentagon, where he served on the Joint Staff to contain the threat of nuclear and chemical weapons around the globe, and later represented the U.S. in arms control negotiations with NATO and Russia. After active duty, he became the National Security Director for the American Economic Liberties Project, a non-profit which advocates corporate accountability legislation and aggressive enforcement of anti-trust regulations. He currently serves in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Join us for this inspiring chat about family and community. About overcoming childhood poverty and family health challenges. About the fight to kick Mr. FistPump McManhoodBook to the curb and take power back for everyday, working-class families in Missouri and across America. About what Democrats can do to defeat Republicans, Trump and Trumpism in the 2024 election.

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Lucas Kunce

Lucas Kunce

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