Kevin Krim

Episode 137: Kevin Krim

Digital media entrepreneur and homicide survivor Kevin Krim

Show notes

Kevin Krim is President and CEO at EDO, the TV outcomes company, a leading platform measuring predictive behaviors driven by Convergent TV advertising, and co-founded over 8 years ago with actor and filmmaker Edward Norton and Daniel Nadler. Prior to EDO, Kevin was the General Manager & SVP of CNBC Digital and previously held leadership positions at Bloomberg, Yahoo, and LookSmart, and began his career with McKinsey & Co. He is the co-founder and chairman of the non-profit Lulu & Leo Fund and its flagship Choose Creativity initiative.

Kevin is also one of my 'tragedy buddies'. On the afternoon of October 25, 2012, his wife Marina returned to their Upper West Side Manhattan home with their 3-year-old daughter Nessie to the gruesome discovery that their two other children Lucia and Leo, 6 and 2, had been murdered by their nanny. Kevin shares their inspiring journey through the healing process and their efforts to build the children's legacies through their amazing education non-profit, which can be supported at

Kevin is also an accomplished digital media entrepreneur, and we close out the conversation with a discussion about his company's work, the latest trends in television advertising, and what the future holds for how people view and experience content.

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Kevin Krim

Kevin Krim

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