Kat "Abu" Abughazaleh

Episode 62: Kat "Abu" Abughazaleh

Kat Abughazaleh is a senior video producer at Media Matters

Show notes

Kat Abughazaleh is a senior video producer at Media Matters and a well-known 'Fox News Watcher'. She's a prominent social media personality who's become very popular through her Tik Tok videos and similar political content on Twitter. She regularly posts biting videos citing the dishonest, bizarre and often sexist, homophobic, racist behavior of Tucker Carlson and other Fox hosts as well as the network itself.

Please join us for a fun, funny, spirited chat about her childhood and family; her work with Media Matters and producing her own videos; Trump, the GOP, and its culture wars, and the current political landscape; the impact and importance of Gen Z voters; the "woke" debate"; and she answers the critical question, "Who is dumber, Sean Hannity or Brian Kilmeade?" Kat also reveals her favorite tv shows, her Top 5 musical artists, which musical instrument she plays and how she spends her free time!

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Produced by Andy Ostroy and Matty Rosenberg @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff Associate producer Jennifer Hammoud Music by Andrew Hollander Design by Cricket Lengyel



Kat "Abu" Abughazaleh

Kat "Abu" Abughazaleh

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