Josh Mankiewicz

Episode 164: Josh Mankiewicz

Dateline NBC correspondent Josh Mankiewicz

Show notes

For almost 30 years Josh Mankiewicz has been a correspondent for Dateline NBC, the longest running primetime show in NBC history, and has reported on a variety of stories the 25th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson bronco chase, the Jonestown massacre, and Jon Benet Ramsey investigation. Since 2020, he’s reported for the #1 podcasts Dateline: Missing in America, Motive for Murder and Internal Affairs.

Join us as Josh takes us on a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Dateline and explains the massive popularity of the true crime genre. He also shares some childhood memories, influences and inspirations and his early years as a journalist. And, we have some fun discussing the friendly rivalry with the other "Dateline Daddy" Keith Morrison! So, come for the Keith impressions, stay for the surprising Taylor Swift revelation!

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Josh Mankiewicz

Josh Mankiewicz

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