Joe Walsh

Episode 35: Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh is a former Congressman and far-right radio host, CNN and MSNBC political commentator, author, podcaster, activist and major Trump critic Joe Walsh

Show notes

Joe Walsh is a former Tea Party Congressman from Illinois and a former nationally syndicated far-right talk-radio host who ran for President in 2020 against Donald Trump. He's the author of the 2020 book "F-ck Silence: Calling Trump Out for the Cultish, Moronic, Authoritarian Con Man He Is" and is host of the podcast, "White Flag With Joe Walsh". He is Chairman of non-partisan "Center Street PAC", a board member of bi-partisan gun safety group "97Percent" and is a frequent commentator on CNN and MSNBC.

But most notably, Joe was a lifelong Republican who left the party three years ago, became an independent and is one of the most outspoken conservative critics of Trump, Trumpism and the dangers of the MAGA cult.

I love talking with Joe. We disagree on many political and social issues, but he's a straight-shooting right-winger who's chosen to be on the right side of history. Take a listen to our truly insightful, brutally honest, fun, funny chat. You'll be glad you did!

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Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

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