Jo "JoJo From Jerz" Carducci

Episode 151: Jo "JoJo From Jerz" Carducci

Suburban single mom and social media sensation Jo "JoJo From Jerz" Carducci

Show notes

Jo Carducci, also known as "JoJo From Jerz", is a mom living in the Jersey suburbs who, in the wake of the 2016 election, was looking for an outlet to share her frustrations and fears about Donald Trump, so she joined Twitter (X). And she hasn’t looked back since. What once was a sounding board to vent with like-minded people, has turned into a full-time commitment to standing up for democracy and against tyranny in her signature snark and sass. You can find her on all the socials, at, on her Are You F’ng Kidding Podcast, and on Substack with her newsletter of the same name.

Join us for this fun, lively conversation about Jo's fascinating journey from her childhood in Morristown to suburban single mom to social media sensation! Jo shares with us how and when she found her political voice, and how as a 'resister' she uses it to speak out against Trump, Trumpism and the Republican Party.

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Jo "JoJo From Jerz" Carducci

Jo "JoJo From Jerz" Carducci

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