Frank Rich

Episode 159: Frank Rich

Journalist, author, and television producer Frank Rich

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Frank Rich is a journalist, author, and television producer. A writer-at-large for New York magazine, he was previously chief drama critic and an OpEd columnist for the New York Times. He executive produced the long-running HBO series Succession and Veep as well as the limited series White House Plumbers and the documentaries Six by Sondheim and Becoming Mike Nichols.

Frank's books include The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina and the memoir Ghost Light. He has been awarded 6 Emmys, 3 Peabody Awards, 3 Golden Globe Awards, and a Producer’s Guild Award. His journalism honors include the George Polk Award for Commentary and the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism from Harvard University. He has twice been a Pulitzer Prize finalist. In 2015, he was inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame. His new limited series for HBO, The Regime, starring Kate Winslet and directed by Stephen Frears, is scheduled to premiere in March 2024.

Join us as Frank takes us on a riveting ride through his celebrated life and illustrious career, sharing memories of childhood, his early theater inspirations (including his relationship over the years with iconic composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim), his tenure at the New York Times, and his award-winning work in television. He also shares his thoughts on the state of the media, AI, the comparisons to Succession's Roy family with the Trumps, and more.

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Frank Rich

Frank Rich

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