Frank Bruni

Episode 215: Frank Bruni

New York Times writer, author, and public policy professor Frank Bruni

Show notes

Frank Bruni has been a prominent journalist for more than three decades, including more than twenty-five years at The New York Times, in roles as diverse as op-ed columnist, White House correspondent, Rome bureau chief, and chief restaurant critic. He is the author of four New York Times bestsellers. In July 2021, he became a full professor at Duke University, teaching in the school of public policy. He currently writes his popular weekly newsletter for the Times and produces additional essays as one of the newspaper’s Contributing Opinion Writers.

Frank discusses his new book, The Age of Grievance, and the theories behind why Americans are so polarized and angry. We also chat about Donald Trump and Trumpism; and dissect the MAGA mentality and its impact on the presidential campaign and the upcoming election. And, Frank reveals his Top 5 musical artists of all time!

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Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni

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