Ferne Pearlstein

Episode 213: Ferne Pearlstein

Film Director Ferne Pearlstein

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Ferne Pearlstein is a director, cinematographer, and editor based in New York City. Her most recent film is “XCLD: THE STORY OF CANCEL CULTURE,” a nuanced look at this controversial topic, produced by Trevor Noah and Time Studios for MSNBC’s Turning Point series. As a director and producer, with husband and producing partner Robert Edwards, she has had four features premiere at Tribeca, including SUMO EAST AND WEST and the narratives LAND OF THE BLIND starring Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland, and ONE MORE TIME starring Christopher Walken. The most recent of those four features was the critically acclaimed THE LAST LAUGH (2016) about taboos in humor.

We chat about her early inspirations and career; her films; the film business today; cancel vs consequence culture; and whether there are or should be subjects that are off limits in comedy.

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Ferne Pearlstein

Ferne Pearlstein

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