Elizabeth Holtzman

Episode 64: Elizabeth Holtzman

Attorney, author, writer, tv commentator and former politician Elizabeth Holtzman

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Elizabeth Holtzman is an attorney, writer, author, tv commentator and former politician. She served for nearly three decades in government, including 20 years as an elected official. She was the youngest woman elected to Congress, a record she held for 42 years, and subsequently became the first woman elected Brooklyn DA and the first and only woman to be elected NYC Comptroller. During her four terms in Congress she captured national attention for her role on the House Judiciary Committee where she voted to impeach President Richard Nixon.

Liz is a champion of women’s rights, authoring many laws including extending the deadline for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, the Rape Privacy Act and, in exposing the U.S. government’s inaction on Nazi war criminals living in America, forced the Justice Department to create a special Nazi-hunting unit that won world-wide acclaim.

The issues that mattered deeply to Liz and first brought her to Congress 50 years ago are among the same critical issues challenging America today and have her as fired-up and engaged as ever. Join us for this spirited, insightful conversation about women's rights and the attack on abortion and reproductive rights; anti-Semitism, racism and ageism; the GOP culture wars; Trump and Trumpism; the impact of the Fox/Dominion settlement; Clarence Thomas and the tarnished Supreme Court; preserving our democracy; and a fascinating look back on Nixon and Watergate.

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Elizabeth Holtzman

Elizabeth Holtzman

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