Donovan X. Ramsey

Episode 97: Donovan X. Ramsey

Journalist Donovan X. Ramsey, author of the new book When Crack Was King: A People's History of a Misunderstood Era

Show notes

Donovan X. Ramsey is a journalist and author who writes about issues of identity, justice, and patterns of power in America. His reporting has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, GQ, WSJ Magazine, Ebony, and Essence, among other outlets and he’s been a staff reporter at the Los Angeles Times, NewsOne, and theGrio. He just released to much critical acclaim his debut book When Crack Was King: A People's History of a Misunderstood Era, which explores how Black America survived the crack epidemic.

Join us for this extremely important, riveting conversation which explores the origins of the crack epidemic of the 1980's and early 90's; the "war on drugs" and "just say no" era; criminal injustice and racism; the current opioid and fentanyl crisis; and more.

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Donovan X. Ramsey

Donovan X. Ramsey

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