Chrissy Carroll

Episode 105: Chrissy Carroll

Actor, comedian and crime survivor Chrissy Carroll

Show notes

Chrissy Carroll is one of the people I affectionately refer to as my "tragedy buddy". One of the awesome folks I've met and befriended along the way who share with me the loss of a loved one due to a sudden, tragic death such as murder.

On a beautiful Summer night in August of 2017, Chrissy and her husband George--both actors and playwrights--were walking along a Brooklyn Street near their home when horror struck. They encountered a group of menacing men loitering outside an apartment building, words were exchanged, and George was fatally stabbed.

This is Chrissy's story. From the nightmare of that fateful night, to navigating through the hellish trial, and her ongoing journey of rebuilding her life as a crime survivor.

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Chrissy Carroll

Chrissy Carroll

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